Presenting:Rock n Roll wave energy device. (Patent applied for) Description and working.
Wave energy has the highest energy potential among all renewable energy resources. The animation shows a demonstration of a system called Rock n Roll wave energy device. This device captures the mechanical energy from the waves and converts it to electrical energy.

You can see two buoys acting in tandem. The Rock n Roll wave energy device is floating on the ocean where waves are present and are kept from drifting using anchors.

Each buoy has a shaft and lever on one side. The levers of both buoys are connected by a connecting rod. Whenever there is an imbalance in the position of the buoys due to wave action, the levers of both the buoys move which results in a rocking movement of the shaft. The mechanical energy in the waves thus gets converted as torque from the to and fro movement of both the shafts.

The bidirectional movement of the shaft is converted by a mechanical converter to a single direction rotary movement. The rotary movement is converted to higher revolutions by a gearbox. The gear box is connected to a fly wheel that stores the kinetic energy and evens out the uneven forces of the waves. The flywheel is then connected to an alternator that produces electricity. The mechanical conversion of the energy is far more efficient as compared to other devices that convert using pneumatic, hydraulic or other means.

The Rock n Roll wave energy device can be used both as a near shore device and in deep oceans. It does not need any foundation and only anchors will do. The waves can come from any direction. All moving parts are protected from the corrosive sea environment, since they are located inside the buoys. The equipment can be moved to any other place without much problem. It is estimated that each device can generate power of about 200 kilowatts for about 3 meters wave height.

This device is economical to construct and maintain and easy to transport and install. It has the potential to capture the bulk of the energy in the waves and convert to power.

  1. It can produce power at a cost cheaper than coal. RE>C
  2. Can be positioned near shore and in deep oceans.
  3. Waves can come from any direction
  4. All moving parts are inside the buoy and hence free from corrosion of sea waters.
  5. Buoys can be made from corrosion resistant materials like FRP, Rubber, and Concrete etc.
  6. No foundations required in sea bed. A few anchors will do.
  7. Can be moved to new places with minimal effort.
  8. Most efficient converter since mechanical energy is directly converted to electricity.
  9. Each device can theoretically produce 200 KW for a 3 meter height wave.
  10. Can face storms, rough seas and highly irregular waves due to the configuration.
  11. Has minimum maintenance requirement.
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